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Breedercelect - Environmentally Friendly Recycled Paper Cat Litter


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Environmentally friendly paper sand

Special strips of environmentally friendly paper sand made from 100% recycled paper, no chemical additives

Applicable objects: cats, pet rabbits, pet rats, reptiles, etc.

Excellent odor absorbing effect

Super water absorption

Strong absorption, low consumption, economical

Lightweight, easy to carry

Soft, non-crushing, non-sticky, non-sticky, non-dirty indoor environment

Organic and natural product, 100% biodegradable

No dust, will not cause respiratory problems to humans and pets

After being opened and exposed to the air, it will not grow mold or insects

After use, it can be flushed into the toilet or composted

Recommended method of use: Put 2~4 cm of paper sand

In the potty to remove solids After defecation, gently stir the paper sand to create convection in the air, making it easier to deodorize

How to deal with partially soiled paper sand