Cat's Best 凱優

Cat'S Best - Active Antibacterial And Odor Absorbing Wood Cat Litter


Cat's Best Original cat litter utilizes the natural functions of active wood fibers

- it can absorb liquids and absorb odors. The wood fibers treated with compression technology and polymer technology quickly condense and display amazing results when exposed to liquid. The water absorption capacity

can reach seven times its own liquid volume, and the liquid is effectively locked in the fibers.

The functions of Cat's Best Original Wooden Cat Litter are mainly reflected in :

1. After patented compression technology and polymer treatment, the particles are uniform in size and dust-free;

2. Quickly condenses when encountering liquid, and quickly coats urine and feces ;

3. High-speed water-absorbing molecules, effective and long-lasting adsorption of moisture and odor;

4. High water absorption capacity, capable of absorbing up to 7 times the liquid volume;

5. The deodorizing and antibacterial effect is good and the cat litter replacement cycle can last for 5-7 weeks, which saves consumption;

6. Passed the German Stiftung Warentest quality test, and the quality is excellent;


7. 100% pure sawdust fiber, made only from unpolluted fir trees in Germany, does not contain any artificial additives or chemical additives;

8. It is biodegradable and can be used as a Organic compost processing does not contain any bark and will not cause acidification of the soil. It can also be poured into the toilet, which will not cause environmental pollution and has environmental protection functions.