Ciao 伊納寶

Ciao - Canned Chicken Tuna Sardines And Jelly


This is a soft jelly cat snack.

Contains green tea extract to prevent odor. Green tea extract helps absorb odor in the intestines and relieve excrement odor.

Raw materials: chicken (chicken breast), tuna, dried bonito, scallop essence, tuna essence, sugars (oligosaccharides, etc.), vegetable fats and oils, thickening stabilizer ( Processed starch, thickened polysaccharides), minerals, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), vitamin E, monascus pigment, green tea essence

Nutritional ingredients: protein 7.0% or more, fat 0.1 % or more, crude fiber less than 0.1%, ash content less than 2.0%, moisture less than 90.0%