Ciao 伊納寶

Ciao - Chicken Softballs Cat Snacks

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This is a small, granular snack that is easy to eat. Enjoy the full meaty texture on the outside and inside; it contains green tea deodorizing ingredients to relieve the odor of feces and urine.

Raw materials: chicken (chicken fillet), fish fillets, chicken fat, scallop extract, sugar (oligosaccharides, etc.), agar, egg white powder, yeast extract, vegetable oil, thickening polysaccharide, thickening agent (processing Starch), minerals, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), vitamin E, red yeast rice pigment, green tea extract

Nutritional ingredients: protein 21.0% or more, lipids 4.2% or more, crude fiber 0.1% or less, ash 2.0 % or less, moisture 72.5% or less, about 20 kcal/bag