Ciao 伊納寶

Ciao - Moisture Replenishing Tuna Paste

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CIAO Churu Cat Paste Snack Bars, Japan's No. 1 cat snack, can be fed directly or added to dry and wet food to add delicious food and stimulate the cat's appetite. It has no coloring, no flavoring, no sweeteners, and no seasonings. Contains green tea extract to prevent odor. Green tea extract helps absorb odor in the intestines and relieve excrement odor. By adjusting the mineral balance close to the cat's body fluids, water and electrolytes can be effectively replenished.

Raw materials: tuna, fructose glucose liquid sugar, scallop essence, dried bonito extract, yeast essence, tuna essence, thickening stabilizer (processed starch, thickening polysaccharide) , sodium citrate, vitamin E, green tea essence, red yeast pigment

Nutritional ingredients: protein 7.0% or more, lipid 1