Deardeer - Natural Deer Sinew Strips


Dear Deer deer pet food is made from deer grown on 55,000 acres of vast prairie in New Zealand and is 100% additive-free and preservative-free.

This natural deer pet food deer can help clean teeth, blood circulation, accelerate wound healing, improve and prevent skin sensitivity, moisturize hair, treat joint pain and improve physical strength, etc., and Venison has the lowest fat content of many meats, making it a healthy choice.

Deer tendons that have been dried and vacuum-processed at low temperature can retain a large amount of deer blood. In addition to cleaning teeth, they are also rich in collagen, which can strengthen muscles and bones and relieve fatigue of muscles and bones. It has significant curative effect on symptoms such as weakness, difficulty in walking, strain, and inconvenience in limb flexion and extension.

** Dear Deer Food Manufacturing Factory, Completed