Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Wangmiao Planet Functional Fish Oil Tablets


The purest fish oil + Japanese Co-Q10, heart care is even more important!

• Spain’s top fish oil + Japan’s patented coenzyme Q10

• Functional health care for all-age furry children, supplement for mature-age, some breeds of dogs and cats

[Ingredients 】(each capsule)

OMEGA-3 (Spanish patented SOLUTEX) 270MG



Taurine 100MG

Q10 (Japanese patented KANEKA®) 30MG

Arginine (Japanese KYOWA) 15MG

L-carnitine 15MG

Vitamin E2IU

[Nutritional label] (per pill):

Calories 3.85KCAL|Protein 0.13G|Fat 0.37G|Saturated fat 0.02G

Trans fat 0G|Carbohydrate 0G|Sodium 0G

[Consumption method]

1. It is recommended that after receiving the product, you can Take out the desiccant from the bottle first, which will help the soft capsule to be cut easier!

2. Give it directly or mix it into food, and consider the dosage according to the condition of the dog and cat.

【Daily dosage】

(Can be taken 1-2 times a day)

<10KG|0.5~1 capsule


10-20KG|1~2 pieces

>20KG|2~3 pieces