Dogcatstar 汪喵星球

Dogcatstar - Glue Free Milkfish Staple Food Can For Cats


■Specially designed for cats who love to bite, they can provide healthy wet food without licking pureed cans!

■High protein, medium-low fat, and meets AAFCO/NRC nutritional standards.

■98% high purity meat content, no glue, no grain, no K3, no added offal.

■Fresh ingredients and nutritional supplements are evenly mixed and made into minced meat. Not only is it rich in taste, but each can also contains the essence of the cooked soup.

■Milkfish: rich in nutrients, delicate texture and easier to absorb and digest. Ingredients: milkfish, bonito, chicken, clear chicken soup, dried egg white, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, taurine, natural fish oil (rich in Omega-3, EPA & DHA), dietary fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, vitamin A, comprehensive minerals, lecithin

Nutritional ingredients: protein 14.6%

fat 5.3%

moisture 77.3%

ash 1.8%

Fiber 0.3%

Carbohydrates ≒1%

Sodium 0.07%

Magnesium 0.02%

Calcium 0.25%

Phosphorus 0.2%

Calcium to phosphorus ratio 1.25 :1

Taurine 0.15%,

Feeding amount: 1.5-2 cans per day