Doggyman - Puppy Milk Box


■ Zero lactose, milk suitable for pet dogs' intestines. Suitable for growth period up to 1 year. Contains lactoferrin. We use milk produced in Kyushu. domestic.

■ Zero lactose that is gentle on the stomach. Lactose is completely broken down during the manufacturing process.

■ Kyushu milk is produced as it is in domestic factories. Tasty food you can rest assured of.

■ We use no coloring or flavoring to maximize the flavor of our raw milk.

■ Contains lactoferrin, great during the growing season. Delicious milk you can drink every day. Contains taurine.

■ Ingredients: raw milk, concentrated milk protein, vegetable oil, emulsifier, lactose-degrading enzyme, antioxidant (sulfite), taurine, concentrated lactoferrin, minerals (iron)

■ Guaranteed ingredients: more than 3.0% crude protein, more than 3.5% crude fat, less than 1.0% crude fiber, less than 2.0% crude ash, less than 92.0% moisture

■ Energy: 60kcal/100g

■ Daily dosage: Puppies (after weaning)/10-100ml

■ Best shelf life: 12 months

■ Country of origin or manufacturing place: Japan