Gimbi 竣寶

Gimbi - Wood Shavings Litter for Small Animals


Gimbi Wood Litters
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Biodegradable - Water Absorbent - Hygienic - Natural - Economical It is a natural toilet sand made from pressed wheat straw. Due to its highly absorbent qualities, it can bind liquids and odors, reducing unpleasant odors in the air. Doesn't stick to paws or hair. Suitable for dwarf rabbits and small rodents such as hamsters, rats, chinchillas, etc. How to use: Pour a layer, about 3 cm high, on the bottom of the cage, and add another layer about 5 cm high, in the "preferred area" (that is, the place where small animals often go to the toilet). Do not overfill the bottom of the cage as wheat grains like urine will lift. It is recommended to remove the dirty areas daily and replace them with clean sand. Can be composted, or flushed down the toilet in small batches.