Gimcat 竣寶

Gimcat - Beef Apple Taurine Cat Meat Strips

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  • GimCat Superfood Duo-Sticks are a perfect combination of beef and healthy Superfood.
  • Apples are rich in antioxidants and other important substances.
  • The taurine it contains can help maintain the cat’s vision and heart function.
  • Feeding guidelines: Adult cats can eat 1-2 pieces a day.
  • Please also provide clean water for cats to drink.
  • Product ingredients: meat and animal derivatives (94%, 26% beef), minerals, fruits (apple, dry state, 1%)
  • Nutritional value: protein 39.0% , fat content 24.0%, crude ash content 7.0%, crude dietary fiber 1.0%, moisture 27.0%
  • Additive: Vitamin A5.0