Gimcat 竣寶

Gimcat - Enhanced Version Of Malt Flavored Hair Removal Ball Cream For Cats


Germany's top-rated German GIMPET cat malt-flavored hair ball paste enhanced version

* Specially developed for cats, rigorously produced to suit cats of all body types.

* Natural ingredients, it can help hair balls to be excreted smoothly from the body

* Eliminate vomiting caused by excessive hair balls in the body

* No gastrointestinal tangles. Return intestinal peristalsis to normal

* and provide extra energy to better overcome the metabolic pressure caused by constipation.

* Rich in natural malt and unique vegetable oil, it can maintain and Moisturize hair.

* Xikoujia cats love

* You only need to feed it 2 to 3 times a week, each time with a little finger about 5cm (2.5g) long.

* Adding a variety of nutrients and TGOS high protein can help cats grow healthily.

* Recommended for breeding