Gimcat 竣寶

Gimcat - Grain Free Turkey And Rabbit Strips


GimCat meat strips can bring a new eating texture to cats. Made from turkey and rabbit meat rich in vitamins and taurine, it is a grain-free formula and non-coloring. It is a supplementary pet food for cats.

Feeding Guidelines: Adult cats can eat 1-2 pieces a day as needed. Please also provide clean water for the cat to drink.

Analyzed ingredients: protein 37%, fat content 21%, crude ash 7%, crude dietary fiber 2%, moisture 27%

Ingredients: meat and animal derivatives (90%, 58% fire Chicken and 4% rabbit meat), yeast, sugar, minerals

Nutritional additives (per 1 kg): Vitamin A 5.000UI, Vitamin D 500U.I., Vitamin E 5mg, Taurine 100