Gimcat 竣寶

Gimcat - Natural Canned Tuna For Kittens


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Adding taurine plays an important role in reducing retinal degeneration and maintaining normal visual function. Strengthen the health of cardiovascular and liver functions.

Provides a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio for kittens. Cut into small pieces and suitable for kittens 8 weeks and above. Rich in vitamins A, D3, E and taurine, it doubles the nutrition of kittens.

Tuna is caught from the ocean.

Daily feeding amount: 1 can for small cats 0.5-1.5 kg, 2 cans for medium-sized cats 1.5-3 kg, and 3 cans for large cats 3-5 kg.

Nutritional ingredients: protein 13.5%, fat 1.5%, crude ash 1.5%, fibril 1%, moisture 83%, calcium 0.18%, phosphorus 0.15%.

Ingredients: fish and fish supplements (tuna content 47%), oils and fats, minerals, plant by-products.

Contains no coloring or preservatives.