Iris - Closed Cat Litter Box Tea


1. Fully enclosed two-way valve design, effectively prevents cat litter from splashing, reduces the spread of excrement odor, antibacterial design, hygienic and clean

2. Equipped with handle design, easy to move and carry, with vents on the top and built-in Original rake-type cat litter shovel, split front cover design

3. Unique built-in cat litter drop plus waste litter storage box design, effectively prevents cats from bringing out cat litter when entering and exiting, making cleaning easy

>4. The drawer-type diaper drawer minimizes the trouble of cleaning cat litter and isolates the odor inside

5. The unique four-corner support at the bottom effectively prevents scratching the floor and is antibacterial and anti-odor Design, hygienic and clean

6. Unique activated carbon storage box on the top, used with DC-8 deodorant tablets, effective antibacterial and deodorizing

7. Added antibacterial silver ions AG+ to effectively resist Bacterial invasion