Joyfood 喜樂寵宴

Joyfood - Glucosamine Fresh Bonito And Scallop Puree


Cat Owner’s Royal Clay Bars are added with vitamins and a variety of nutritional and health-care ingredients: Glucosamine-helps maintain joint mobility and cartilage health;

The delicious meat paste allows cats to replenish water;

Added a rich nutritional and health-care function formula, which can be fully absorbed by cats and satisfy the good taste of cats;

Fresh and carefully selected ingredients have good palatability and can be mixed with feed to increase the taste of cats. Appetite;

During the feeding process, it can increase the interaction with your cat

Raw materials: bonito, scallops, fresh broth, glucosamine, vitamin E, vitamin B9 / D. Calcium carbonate, taurine, lutein, hydrolyzed animal protein

Nutrients: crude protein 7.0% or more, crude fat 1.0% or more, crude fiber 1.0% or less, crude ash 1.0% Below, the moisture content is more than 70.0%, and the heat is about 9.0kcal/stick