Kakato 卡格

Kakato - Canned Tuna Mackerel Cat And Dog


Kakato selected 70g wet food
4% off for 24 cans
請在結賬前輸入折扣碼以使用優惠: AOKT70

Kakato selected 170g wet food
5% off for 24 cans
請在結賬前輸入折扣碼以使用優惠: AOKT170

Rich in protein, minerals, and trace elements, rich in Omega-3, promoting cardiovascular health


The meat content is as high as 78%

Select fresh and high-quality meat Ingredients for human consumption

No additives, no artificial colors, artificial flavours, preservatives, flavor enhancers or any chemicals

The chickens and cattle selected are fed with high-quality feed

The fish selected are all caught in the natural ecological ocean

Healthy, delicious and delicious


Help those who have just arrived in the new environment Pets settle down in a short period of time

Helps sick pets with no appetite and partial eating

It helps pets to increase their appetite at the beginning of patients and after surgery

Helps pets’ bodies absorb more water and reduces stone formation

It can reduce pets’ absorption of chemicals and preservatives in the long run