Kakato 卡格

Kakato - Canned Tuna Shrimp Cats And Dogs


Tuna meat is rich in EPA, DHA, Omega-3 and various vitamins, which promote cardiovascular health. Shrimp is rich in minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.)


The meat content is as high as 78%

Select fresh and high-quality materials for human consumption

>No additives, no artificial colors, artificial flavours, preservatives, flavor enhancers or any chemicals

The chickens and cattle selected are fed with high-quality feed

The fish selected are all in Natural ecological ocean capture

Healthy, delicious, delicious


Helping pets who have just arrived in a new environment settle down in a short time _x 000D_

It helps pets who are sick and have no appetite and prefer to eat

It helps pets to increase their appetite at the beginning of the disease and after surgery

It helps the pet body absorb more water, Reduces stone formation

Reduces pets’ absorption of chemicals and preservatives in the long run