Lady Flavour 好味小姐

Lady Flavour - Cat Fresh Food Staple Food Canned Slow Cooked Fresh Fish


Formulated with pure natural ingredients, Taiwan Haoyu raw food-grade snapper fillet, Taiwan Qiafu air-cooled chicken breast, and Norwegian Meiwei fresh salmon wheel slices. Whole fresh cuts of meat! Original nutritional products are individually packaged, so you can get complete nutrition without any discount! Sealing lid design makes keeping fresh more convenient! Low carb recipe! (Wet weight 1-2%)

Meets the nutritional needs of cats, with more than 95% fresh meat ingredients! No glue additives are used, and natural ingredients are used to replace glue. White fungus and psyllium (wet weight is about 1.2%) increase the smoothness of the broth and make cats love to drink soup more!

How to consume: No thickeners are added. Please shake the can gently before use, open the cooking can, add the delicious cat fresh food comprehensive nutrition powder packet, stir evenly, and then give it to the cat to enjoy.

If it is not finished, cover it with a plastic lid, store it in the refrigerator, and finish it as soon as possible.

(Made from purely natural ingredients, no glue or thickeners added. If there are precipitation and oil blooms, it is normal, please feel free to eat.)

Recommended serving size: This staple food can is Adult cat formula, 4-6kg cats should be fed about 2-3 cans a day. (The amount can be increased or decreased according to the cat’s food intake)