LItoFAM 極寵部落

LItoFAM - Venison essence

  • High-quality venison from a pure country, from New Zealand, the largest pure land in the world. Surrounded by the sea, abundant land, sustainable natural resources and a suitable climate, it is a unique gift for raising livestock. Natural conditions.
  • The deer are all grown in a pristine natural environment, and are free range and healthy in their own farms. No steroids or hormones are used in the process. They are delicious, soft and tender, and are a high-quality source of protein. .
  • It has the characteristics of high iron, high calcium, high protein, low fat and low cholesterol, and meets the health needs of modern people.
  • Naturally delicious, suitable for fat and thin, simple seasoning can fully show its unique taste.
  • Normal temperature, consumption method: (1) Eat directly after opening (2) Heat the package directly in water and then pour it out for consumption. It can be used by all dog breeds & all cat breeds.
  • 1 package of 2-5KG; 2 packages of 5-10KG; 3 packages of 10-15KG; 4 packages of 15-20KG; 5 packages of 20KG or above are recommended on the packaging.