Litomon 怪獸部落

Litomon - Dog And Cat Buddha Jump Over The Wall Three Treasures Of Seafood And Non Staple Food Soup Can


A summary of four good ingredients, four tastes and nutrients can be satisfied at once; the ingredients are simple, no glue, no shells, no spices, delicious and not afraid of picking up your tongue

Ingredients: tuna, fish stock, squid, carrot, Hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, potato starch

Nutritional composition: Calories 68kcal/100g

Crude protein 16%

Crude fat 0.2%

Ash 3%

Moisture 83%

Fiber 1.0%

Calcium 0.004%

Phosphorus 0.07%

Sodium 0.04%

Magnesium 0.01%