Marukan 馬卡

Marukan - Advanced Natural Healthy Rabbit Food For Seniors


Old rabbits over 4 years old (middle-aged and mature) should eat a comprehensive and balanced nutritional staple food!

The curved particles have good palatability! The main raw material is high-vitamin and low-calorie timothy, carefully proportioned with a variety of pastures, and the nutrition is balanced. With the arrival of advanced age, the functions of various parts of the body begin to decline and the resistance of old rabbits is significantly reduced (swelling and internal diseases). In this regard, fucoidyl starch is specially added to adjust the body's constitution and maintain health. New concept of health preservation technology! Vitamin E is extracted from high-quality natural sunflower seeds, which effectively prevents acidification of the product after opening. Combined with rice germ fermentation extract, it can effectively suppress the odor of feces and urine.

Ingredients: Timothy grass, rice, wheat bran, wheat flour, defatted soybeans, fruit puree, apple, germ rice, sunflower oil, yeast, amino acids, vitamins, minerals