Marukan 馬卡

Marukan - Luxurious Two Door Spray Proof Rabbit Cage Green


Japan's top-quality rabbit cage is both beautiful and practical. It has a large interior space for activities, and comes with a jelly pink anti-spray diaper (made of ABS resin-reinforced plastic, not easily damaged). The raised side design prevents rabbits from leaking dirty things. There are doors on the front and top that can be opened, making it easy for rabbits to get in and out.

The transparent plastic front door can be opened to allow the rabbit to walk down, and the door above the cage can also be opened to facilitate the entry and exit of the rabbit and the owner's access to the rabbit. Pull-type door lock, easy to open and close. Better to clean.

There is a wooden partition at the bottom to prevent rabbits from pinching their feet. It is suitable for pet rabbits and guinea pigs. The combination type is convenient for storage, and assembly and cleaning are very easy.

Dimensions and specifications: Weight approximately 8.5 kg, length approximately 76x53.5x height approximately 56 cm.

Material composition: iron, plastic.

Applicable: For rabbits.