Milk Hompo

Milk Hompo - Goat Whole Milk Powder For Dogs And Cats


100% goat milk powder produced in the Netherlands is a high-quality milk source with good palatability, high nutrition, and easy to digest and absorb.

It is suitable for cats and puppies with the following conditions: when they do not drink water, when they have no appetite and energy, in order to supplement nutrition and help the growth of bones and fur.

Ingredients (100% medium): protein 26.9g, milk fat 31.7g, carbohydrate 32.5g, minerals 6.3g, sodium 270mg, energy 522kcal

Feeding method: Please dissolve it in boiling water at a ratio of 1:10, and then feed after cooling sufficiently. Or sprinkle it directly on dry food.

If 75cc of warm water is added to 10g of this product, it will become high-performance milk.