Momi - Complete Nutritional Rabbit Food


Effectively reduce excretion odor and help rabbits relax their nerves

*Delicious and healthy: unique herbs, timothy, alfalfa and vegetables... and other formulas bring the best meal to rabbits

*Enhance digestive function: water-soluble fiber "probiotics" can increase intestinal beneficial bacteria while inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria

*High-quality protein: soy protein essence, water-soluble protein (yeast) and Alfalfa provides the best way to provide necessary protein for better absorption

* Enhance immunity: Add vitamins, minerals and dextran to prevent your pet rabbit from being infected by viruses, bacteria and parasitic diseases

/>*No added sucrose: Normal sucrose intake will cause flatulence and affect the absorption of protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Sucrose also increases risk of tooth decay