Petive Life 派提拉

Petive Life - Skin And Hair Care Nutritional Health Powder


This formula is rich in skin and hair nutrients to promote and maintain healthy skin and strong hair. As a result, pets experience less scratching and shedding, and have thicker, softer and smoother coats.

Rich in nutrients required for healthy hair (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and probiotics)

Regulates immunity, improves metabolism, and makes pets strong and healthy. Improve gastrointestinal function, soothe sensitive skin, and reduce itching.

Repairs and maintains healthy skin

Makes hair thicker, softer and shiny

Restores damage and reduces scratches and shedding.

It contains the latest natural ingredients – Collactive™ bioactive collagen, elastin peptides and OptiMSM® organic sulfur

Healthy skin for optimal hydration

Skin lift