Petkit 佩奇

Petkit - Generation Wireless Water Pump Smart Water Dispenser


Brand new wireless water pump, water and electricity separation​

・The water-repellent base is sealed and reinforced with waterproof technology. The metal contact port is eliminated. Just wipe it when exposed to water, making it safer to use.

・The inner bucket of water storage is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean. The bottom bracket of the water pump is made of special high-temperature resistant material, which can be sterilized at high temperatures and can handle hot water.

・High-efficiency silent water pump, passed operation test, operating noise is about 35 decibels

・Triple filter element removes impurities, chlorine and heavy metals, softens water quality, meets human-grade standards, and provides clean water source

・The buttons on the fuselage are simplified to make the operation more concise; you can set the water outlet mode at any time by connecting to the Xiaopei APP, and check the water volume and filter element condition, which is convenient and fast.

・Three working modes: smart/normal/night mode



Material--stainless steel, ABS, silicone, PA


Matching mode--Bluetooth connection (including one filter element and 1.5m nylon USB power cord)