Positive - Special Antibacterial Ear Cleaning Water


Aims at ear infections, inflammation, and odor; it is drug-free and can be eaten without hurting the skin;

Restores ear health and blocks foreign germs;

Only needs to be used once a day to maintain 24-hour sterilization and antibacterial;

The weakly acidic PH makes the ear canal environment unsuitable for ear mites and fungi. Usage: Use 2-3 times a week for healthy ear canals, and continue to use it every day for infected ear canals until recovery. .

Gently press the cat or dog’s head, pull the ears outward to straighten the ear canal indirectly, add 3-5 drops of ear cleaning water, massage gently to melt the earwax, and allow the cat or dog to After shaking off the ear water, clean the outer ear carefully with cotton.