Pronature Original 楓趣奥瑞

Pronature Original - Dog - Adult - Lamb with Peas and Barley Recipe - All Breeds

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Pronature Original chooses nature, selects natural materials, is loyal to nature, has original flavor, and does not add preservatives and pigments. For ten years, it has provided thousands of dogs with safe, reliable and quality-guaranteed natural dry food. Pronature Original is famous all over the world. Adult -lamb with peas & barley formula is specially designed for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs. It uses lamb meal, peas, barley and oats as the main ingredients, and is supplemented with a variety of herbs, vegetables, dried fruits such as linseed oil, herring oil and other natural ingredients. Provide a complete and balanced diet for your dog. Lamb is a hypoallergenic meat with a single protein and is suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs; barley and oats are extremely nutritious and rich in fiber, which can effectively help digestion and maintain a low glycemic index. Peas are rich in protein. and fiber, which can maintain a feeling of fullness while helping digestion and stabilizing blood sugar after meals; flaxseed oil and herring oil are rich in Omega3, which can effectively promote shiny hair.