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Royal Canin - Persian Kitten Formula


任何Royal Canin 滿$400, 送$50優惠券及送85G袋裝濕糧1包
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When choosing food products for your Persian kittens, you need to consider some of their special breed needs.

You should pay special attention to the health and growth of your Persian kitten, especially at this stage when their immune system is still developing. Persian Kitten Formula is formulated to meet the specific needs of your Persian kitten.

By providing them with the best nutritional support from food, you can give them the healthiest start in their life.

A special note for this breed is that the digestive system of your young Persian cat still needs to continue to develop slowly for a period of time, and its functions are not yet mature.

Therefore, the Persian young cat formula uses high-quality and highly digestible protein, and also contains an appropriate amount of fiber (including psyllium) and prebiotic ingredients to help promote the balance of intestinal flora.

The food pellets of the Persian kitten formula are designed to fit the jaw structure and head shape of your Persian kitten;

Its small rectangular shape and soft texture make the cat more comfortable Successfully pick up and chew food.

What’s more, this special formula also contains an exclusive patented antioxidant complex including vitamin E to help strengthen your kitten’s own immunity.