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Royal Canin - Small Senior Dog 12+ Formula


任何Royal Canin 滿$400, 送$50優惠券及送85G袋裝濕糧1包
85G袋裝濕糧 須自行加入購物車,系統會自動計算折扣)

The formula for small senior dogs over 12 years old (gravy) is suitable for small dogs over 12 years old and weighing no more than 10kg. It contains all the nutrients your small dog needs.

Small Senior Dogs 12+ (Gravy) formula contains an exclusive antioxidant complex that helps neutralize free radicals.

The formula for small senior dogs 12 years and over (gravy) contains an appropriate amount of phosphorus, which can help maintain the health of the kidney system.

Also contains Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, which can nourish the dog's skin and keep the hair in good condition.

In order to meet the individual preferences of each dog, the formula for small senior dogs over 12 years old (gravy) can also be added as dry food to crunchy and delicious pet food particles;

If If you are considering mixing feeding, you only need to follow our feeding guidelines to give your dog the most accurate amount of mixed dry and wet food to achieve the best results.