Schesir 雪詩雅

Schesir - All Natural Tuna Snapper Fish Soup Boiled Canned Cat Food



Over 43 Flavors

The Best Quality Natural Pet Food

Italian All-Natural Cat and Dog Canned Food

One Hundred Percent Of Marine Capture

Protect Dolphins

Do Not Contain Hormone

Humanitarian Brand

The manufacturer follows the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceuticals. Therefore, Schesir is produced in an environment that upholds the highest quality, safety, and hygiene standards.

Selected fish and meat from the best parts

No added artificial colors or preservatives

100% natural ingredients

Delicious and high-quality



Tuna and Sea Bream Fish Broth Canned Food 70g

Tuna and White Fish Broth Canned Food 70g

Tuna and Chicken Fish Broth Canned Food 70g

Tuna and Beef with Rice Soup Cat Canned Food 70g

Tuna and Ginseng with Rice Soup Cat Canned Food 70g

Chicken with Chicken Broth Cat Canned Food 70g

Chicken and Shrimp with Chicken Broth Cat Canned Food 70g

Contains fresh meat with rich meaty flavor

Made with fresh meat and meat broth

High moisture content to maintain urinary tract health

Product Details:

Product Name: Tuna and Sea Bream Fish Broth Canned Food 70g

Can Capacity: 70g

Suitable for: Adult Cats

Country of Origin: Thailand

Shelf Life: 36 months

Storage Method: Consume or refrigerate after opening


Uses human-grade quality, with fresh and sweet meat

Omega-3 and Omega-6 help lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Contains a significant amount of essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids

Maintains a healthy heart and promotes a shiny coat

Sea Bream Fish

Tender and sweet meat, high in protein, low in fat

Contains balanced amino acids, easily digestible and absorbable

Helps maintain the functioning of the nervous system and promotes blood circulation


Contains vitamin B1, aids in carbohydrate metabolism

Dietary fiber helps promote digestion

Vitamin E has antioxidant effects

Main Ingredients:

Tuna 70.5%

Sea Bream Fish 4.2%

Rice 1.4%

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein 18%

Crude Ash 2%

Crude Fat 0.3%

Moisture 80%

Crude Fiber 0.1%

Energy: 87.9kcal/100g

Schesir is the first brand to introduce 100% natural ingredient products to the European market and has nearly 30 years of experience in providing high-quality food for pets. It is one of the leading brands in the pet food industry.

Schesir not only represents "natural" products but also adheres to the fundamental principles of creating products and promotes ecological sustainability. The packaging and promotional materials are made from renewable or recyclable materials.