Sunrise 盛來知

Sunrise - Chicken Breast Wrapped With Milk And Calcium Bones

  • Refined fresh low-fat chicken breast wrapped in chewy milk calcium bones, enjoy two flavors
  • Specially added calcium supplement formula, chicken contains protein, sugar, vitamin A, vitamin B complex , calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper and other nutrients.
  • Chicken contains high-quality protein and low fat content. It can enhance physical strength and strengthen the body. It is a suitable source of protein for people with weak constitution, after illness, postpartum and the elderly.
  • Milk Calcium Bone: Perfectly chewy, it also helps relieve stress and maintain oral health.
  • Low cholesterol, containing high-quality unsaturated fatty acids
  • Containing high calcium, helping the growth and development of teeth during the growth period of dogs
  • It can be cleaned by chewing food for a long time. It can remove tartar, prevent dental calculus and periodontal disease, and can be used as a reward for training your dog, effectively reducing the chance of biting household items.