Sunrise 盛來知

Sunrise - Sliced Blueberries

  • Used fresh and sweet blueberries, containing blueberry anthocyanins. Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients, which not only has good nutritional and health effects, but also prevents brain aging, strengthens the heart, fights cancer, softens blood vessels, and strengthens the body Immunity and other functions. Bite-sized for easy feeding.
  • Daily consumption: 5~20 pieces for 1~5 kg adult dogs, 20~35 pieces for 5~10 kg adult dogs, 35~ 10~20 kg adult dogs 55 pieces, 55-100 pieces for adult dogs of 20-40 kg, and 5-20 pieces for puppies under 7 months old.
  • Nutritional ingredients: more than 2.7% protein, more than 3% fat, and less than 2% fiber , ash content less than 2%, moisture content less than 42%