Yu 東方森草

Yu - Camellia Repairing Shower Gel


YU Camellia Repair Formula

◆Pets with hair that is prone to dryness and breakage.

◆Camellia oil repairs hair and smoothes cuticles.

◆Maintain healthy skin and hair.

◆Witch hazel and allantoin form a protective film, so you won’t feel itchy after taking a bath!

◆Organic willow orchid essence can soothe and repair delicate skin in multiple ways.

◆Multi-layered charming fragrance design, continuously elegant and beautiful.

◆Soothes and maintains healthy skin and hair.

◆Hair repair and smoothing hair tablets.

Main ingredients: water, ECOCERT certified glucoside cleansing ingredient, coconut oil cleansing ingredient, camellia oil, ECOCERT certified organic willow extract, witch hazel, allantoin, vitamin B6, fragrance