Frontline 福來恩

Frontline - Enhanced Versions Of The Following Dog Flea Drops:


FrontlinePlus-Flea-killing Drops for Dogs

Kills adult fleas within 24 hours

- The active ingredient, Fipronil, diffuses through the oil on the skin surface and is distributed to the entire body within 24 hours of administration. Once the flea comes into contact with the fur, the agent will enter the flea's body through the exoskeleton and work, causing the flea to become overly excited and die.

Blocks the flea reproduction cycle and prevents reinfection

- The active ingredient 2 (S)-methoprene can inhibit the hatching of flea eggs and the development of young fleas, interrupt the flea reproduction cycle, and prevent repeated infections in the home environment Fleas

Kills many types of ticks within 48 hours

After 48 hours of parasitism and sucking blood, the chance of transmitting diseases greatly increases! Frontline Plus can kill 4 types of ticks in 48 hours