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Royal Canin - Formula For Adult Cats To Pick Their Mouths And Enhance Taste


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Some cats will be too picky and refuse to eat the food you give them, but this behavior is not innate and you can change it.

This problem can be improved by choosing a food that not only contains a variety of healthy nutrients, but also attracts the cat's appetite.

Some cats with picky eating habits will be attracted to different types of food placed on the food plate and develop an appetite.

In order to cater to their natural preferences, ROYAL CANIN® enhanced taste formula for fussy adult cats also contains a combination of two food particles with different ingredients and different textures, bringing a double taste enjoyment that even the pickiest cats cannot resist. .

In addition, the energy contained in ROYAL CANIN® Taste-Enhancing Formula for Picky Adult Cats has been appropriately adjusted to help your adult cats maintain their ideal weight.

ROYAL CANIN® Taste-Enhancing Formula for Picky Adult Cats is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats. It can continuously stimulate your cat’s appetite and provide all the nutrients it needs to keep your cat active and healthy.